US army to deploy surveillance drones for Syria

America army is in quite desperate situation in Syria. They are not really winning against the regime and against terrorists their progress is also being quite slow. That is of course a problem for them. They have troubles with predicting the next moves of their enemies in Syria. They have therefore imported many surveillance drones which will constantly fly above the lines of IS in Syria. In this way they will know better about their positions and tactics. We can expect that they will also be able to kill more generals and important figures in this hostile organisation.

What will really happen is of course something that we just cannot predict. But one thing is for sure. US is spending substantial amounts of money on arming itself against terrorists. War on terror is expensive, but will this stop terrorist attacks that have been happening recently? We do not know that.

US army officials believe that the threat of different attacks is very big and this is why it is essential to stop ISIS and cut off its supply lines and make it weaker and possibly defeat them! If this will not be done, they might turn to USA with their suicide bombers and other members. Beware.

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