Syrian war without epilogue

Although Syrian civil war has been lasting for more than 5 years now, it still does not seem to have any epilogue. Forces are not even close to making a deal on ceasefire. Although there is a partial ceasefire for most of the rebel groups and the government taking place at the moment, it will probably not last. That is because whole ceasefire is a fiasco. Kurds, which are currently probably second biggest player in Syria, right after the regime are not included in the ceasefire. And many of the factions that are included are actually in alliance with terrorist (Al-Kaida linked Al Nusra front). That is very bad, because it shows us that they have the same ideology as terrorists have. This is not good also because they are the only ones who can actually harm the regime. And regime seems to be winning. It seems regime would not even be in trouble if the West and also Sunni muslims from other countries (Saudi Arabia) would not have been supporting the rebels with ideas very similar to the ideas of the terrorists.

Meanwhile terrorist attacks are happening while they would not really be happening if USA would not interrupt in the civil war in the first place. Rebels itself would never be able to spread across Syria and create the war. Of course with USA support they could win, but on the other side there is now Russia. This proxy war exists only because of bad politics between those two superpowers!

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