Rebels in Syria buying surveillance drones on sale in USA

This is quite absurd, but it is happening. With companies in USA that are promoting their products all over the world, some terrorists and rebels use that in their advantage. They go on websites that have buying guides made for American customers and through them order the drones all the way to their country of fighting. This is how Syrian rebels are equipped with latest technology and are actually using the technology against Americans and other factions which are otherwise superior. Quite ironic I’d say, but this is what is happening right now. Of course there is not much that anyone can do about that except to decrease amount of funds for the rebels and terrorists.

This thing is not anything new, but it shows how inventive the fighters are nowadays when they are fighting for their causes. It is hard to stop somebody who is fighting wholeheartedly for something and military technology will not keep people at bay. It is just the way it is.

With army introducing new technologies to general public we should always be aware that there is a danger that this technology will come in the wrong hands. When this happens, things might get bad.

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