Japan discovers new radioactive plant

On the remainings of what used to be a Fukushima, scientists have found new species of plants growing. Those plants are resistant to radioactive environment and can grow in the environment that is too hostile for anything else to live. Scientists have found this discovery quite groundbreaking and are still talking about this. It seems that even if the radioactive event happens, not all of the life will be wiped out of our planet. Those plants are not particularly big or developed, but what is remarkable is that they thrive in the area where nothing should survive. Men cannot walk there normally.

This gives many indications also on the past events, for example of the time that dinosaurs went extinct. It could easily be that something radioactive has happened and then only some species were able to survive. Whatever is really happening here, one thing is for sure: it is very interesting for scientists to study that and we will certainly learn new things about Earth and all living organisms on our beloved planet. Quite a big thing if you think about it, right?

These discoveries are of course not final, there is currently a team that Japan government sent there to verify those findings. After that we’ll be able to say for sure.

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