Stocks – meant to fail?

The problem with stocks is that they rise as long as there are people who invest in them. They then get bigger returns and this attracts more into it and so and so on. But this cycle eventually stops when there are almost all people involved. What happens then is that it suddenly stops rising. Therefore people start retreating from stocks because there are no longer high returns there. As they go away, prices fall and more people sell and we come to negative cycle. That is problematic. But it is how the stock market works. We can see that this is not workable system in the long run. This is why even with reformed trading things like crisis in 2008 can and will happen. And when they happen they are catastrophic. It is very concerning that none of the officials does anything about that. Because what is happening now is that everybody knows that a new crisis will eventually happen, we just don’t know when. And nobody does anything about that.

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Rebels in Syria buying surveillance drones on sale in USA

This is quite absurd, but it is happening. With companies in USA that are promoting their products all over the world, some terrorists and rebels use that in their advantage. They go on websites that have buying guides made for American customers and through them order the drones all the way to their country of fighting. This is how Syrian rebels are equipped with latest technology and are actually using the technology against Americans and other factions which are otherwise superior. Quite ironic I’d say, but this is what is happening right now. Of course there is not much that anyone can do about that except to decrease amount of funds for the rebels and terrorists.

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US army to deploy surveillance drones for Syria

America army is in quite desperate situation in Syria. They are not really winning against the regime and against terrorists their progress is also being quite slow. That is of course a problem for them. They have troubles with predicting the next moves of their enemies in Syria. They have therefore imported many surveillance drones which will constantly fly above the lines of IS in Syria. In this way they will know better about their positions and tactics. We can expect that they will also be able to kill more generals and important figures in this hostile organisation.

What will really happen is of course something that we just cannot predict. But one thing is for sure. US is spending substantial amounts of money on arming itself against terrorists. War on terror is expensive, but will this stop terrorist attacks that have been happening recently? We do not know that.

US army officials believe that the threat of different attacks is very big and this is why it is essential to stop ISIS and cut off its supply lines and make it weaker and possibly defeat them! If this will not be done, they might turn to USA with their suicide bombers and other members. Beware.

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The Coming Ad Barrage Against Donald Trump

Donald Trump is conducting an unprecedented experiment in running a barebones campaign, in which he is not only the candidate, but also his campaign’s top surrogate, rapid-response operation, de facto press secretary, and primary fundraiser.

Some of the problems with that approach are beginning to show. On a rhetorical level, his attack on Judge Gonzalo Curiel was a disaster, suggesting his own self-interest and earning him harsh condemnation from fellow Republicans. His response to the massacre in Orlando—renewing his call for a moratorium on Muslims entering the country, and implying President Obama is a traitor—may endear him to elements of his base, but it has also frustrated many Republicans. The result is that the bottom has started to fall out of Trump’s poll numbers.

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Japan discovers new radioactive plant

On the remainings of what used to be a Fukushima, scientists have found new species of plants growing. Those plants are resistant to radioactive environment and can grow in the environment that is too hostile for anything else to live. Scientists have found this discovery quite groundbreaking and are still talking about this. It seems that even if the radioactive event happens, not all of the life will be wiped out of our planet. Those plants are not particularly big or developed, but what is remarkable is that they thrive in the area where nothing should survive. Men cannot walk there normally.

This gives many indications also on the past events, for example of the time that dinosaurs went extinct. It could easily be that something radioactive has happened and then only some species were able to survive. Whatever is really happening here, one thing is for sure: it is very interesting for scientists to study that and we will certainly learn new things about Earth and all living organisms on our beloved planet. Quite a big thing if you think about it, right?

These discoveries are of course not final, there is currently a team that Japan government sent there to verify those findings. After that we’ll be able to say for sure.

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Syrian war without epilogue

Although Syrian civil war has been lasting for more than 5 years now, it still does not seem to have any epilogue. Forces are not even close to making a deal on ceasefire. Although there is a partial ceasefire for most of the rebel groups and the government taking place at the moment, it will probably not last. That is because whole ceasefire is a fiasco. Kurds, which are currently probably second biggest player in Syria, right after the regime are not included in the ceasefire. And many of the factions that are included are actually in alliance with terrorist (Al-Kaida linked Al Nusra front). That is very bad, because it shows us that they have the same ideology as terrorists have. This is not good also because they are the only ones who can actually harm the regime. And regime seems to be winning. It seems regime would not even be in trouble if the West and also Sunni muslims from other countries (Saudi Arabia) would not have been supporting the rebels with ideas very similar to the ideas of the terrorists.

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